Friday, January 21, 2005

Flying stinks

I hate flying. We had to fly to see hubby's family this year. When I was younger I loved how you were pushed back in your seat during takeoff and how the ground came into view and feeling the wheels hit the ground during landing. Now... all I can think of is running off the runway, exploding before we hit 30k feet, a terrorist deciding to turn us into a building or the ground being there before it was supposed to. I admit, during take off I put on a cool front, but I am praying my little heart out and wanting it to be over.

Then you have the airports. I have a thing against people anyway. Sure most can be nice enough, but there are just too darn many of them. I can't stand crowds. People not talking to one another just stuffed next to one another, involved in their own little worlds. Or, you have someone who won't shut up when you want to be in your own little world. This year we booked the early flights both there and back. Our flight out was on the 24th and was to leave at 6:30am. Great, I had visions of huge lineups and crowds, crying babies and pissed off fliers. But I steeled myself and just wanted to get it over. Now, 'they' (who the check are THEY anyway?) want you there 2 hours ahead, so we had to leave about 45 min earlier than that because we had to drop our truck off and take a shuttle to the airport to be there on time.

Wouldn't you know it. We walked right up the counter, surrendered our bags, and got right through security in a matter of minutes. So we sat around the airport for 2 hours waiting to board. That was fun, but at least there were no crowds.

We spent the holidays with family...11 of us in one house for 10 days, and 17 of us on Christmas day. I am not even going there...that is for another day when I feel stronger.

My prayers worked for the flight there and back, because I am here to complain to you. The flight back was about the same. This time we were farther away from the airport and we were up at 1:30AM(!?!?!) to be at the airport for our 6:30 flight. And once again, we got to walk up to the counter, through security and ended up waiting for 2 hours.

No matter how busy it is, or how quiet, I am always glad for it to be over. There is nothing like walking into your own house, dumping your bags and listening to the quiet. Well, that is until you have to unpack - but I won't go there today.


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